Kloverpoint 2.1

Build your very own Social Site

Build your very own Social Site

You create the content, we help you publish it! With Kloverpoint, we help you create your very own Social Site so that you can share web pages, photo galleries, and stay connected with others through social networking. No coding knowledge or experience is required to use Kloverpoint.

- Simple and easy to use. Publish and/or make changes to your content instantly

- Easy to use text editor

- See notifications about your Kloverpoint network activity. It’s a great way to stay connected!

- Content published on Kloverpoint is indexed by search engines

- You control who can access your published content with Kloverpoint Privacy Tools

- Share you Kloverpoint content on other Social Networking sites

- Create calendar events. View all your events in Calendar view to stay organized

- Search Engine Optimization tools

- Communication tools like Kloverpoint email & Kloverpoint chat

- Schedule when your content is published and/or unpublished

- File upload feature acts like your own personal cloud storage

The Kloverpoint Social Site platform has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Adding or changing content is done instantly. The best part of a Kloverpoint Social Site is that you control who can access your content with Kloverpoint’s Privacy Tools. Don’t have the money, the time, or the knowledge to create a web site? Don’t worry because creating a Kloverpoint Social Site is a great way to “get you started and online”.

Software designed for small business, general consumer, sports organizations, for profit & non-profit organizations. Essentially, anyone looking to create their own social site and share their content.



Kloverpoint 2.1